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In the market exist a whole series of pressure competitors. Since you can long lost the overview. That’s why I was pleased when a printing company asked me to check their service. My test order For my test order, I decided to go for the format 60 x 80 centimeters on Forex. I have Nielsen frames in specific size and like to mount the prints in those frames. On the one hand, because it looks very noble and on the other, because the photos get a good stability in this way. First and foremost I have two requirements for the print service provider: 1. Dimensional accuracy: The format should be specifically adhered to so that the prints fit into the frames as well. And surprisingly, some suppliers have long since failed. In the past, I had deviations of up to 5 millimeters anyway. 2. The print quality: Understandably, I expect a high quality print quality. The delivery took about a week. I have experienced that faster, but it is absolutely fine. The dimensions of the print were kept exactly and so the pressure fits very well in my existing frame. The print quality is extremely good. I stood in amazement in front of the picture and I was fascinated by the many small details in the picture from close up. And at the same time I was pleased about the great quality of my Canon 16-35 mm / 4.0 L IS USM lens, with which the picture was taken. This is really crisp and with a reason, why I still like to use my Canon equipment at the moment.