Models in request

For photo productions I search constantly(permanently) interesting faces(visions). The people who can laugh and have fun(joke) in the life.

I look

  • Mrs. / men (every age)
  • Pairs(Couples)
  • Families
  • Senior citizens(Seniors)
  • Children

If you have interest in a cooperation, apply please by email.

Persons under age need the consent of the parents, upwards there is no age limit. On the contrary, at the moment I search particularly senior citizens(seniors).

The following information(data) is important for an application:

  • Age
  • Place of residence (applications from the space food(eating) are advantageous)
  • Size (body height, standard size)
  • Contact data (phone, …)
  • Experiences and references, if available(in existence)
  • The expressive photos (please also photos on which you laugh)


As a rule a preliminary talk(discussion)/Testshooting takes place before every Fotoshooting. To the preliminary talk(discussion) and the Shooting an escort can be brought after arrangement.

According to photo production the models of me get worked on photos on DVD or I pay a small fee(honorarium).