Flawless pictures with the Smartphone

Flawless pictures with the Smartphone

Nowadays one does not have to go deeply in them

Pocket take, if one flawless ones

Photos would like to take for ugly book (Facebook) completely

enough is Motorola g4 plus this

even to the market leaders fearing learn

Has, in the photo test it costs Samsung s7 and iPhone 6 see hit a mobile phone what today to 200€.

If the lighting conditions are very bad refused every mobile phone unless one has the I blazer a very useful small flash who nobody cheap scrap metal from China should liked to have(might have) the 19.97€ with Amazon invest here gets to Amazon IBlazer


Who would like to make it quite right goes by the blue hour(lesson) for photos make where according to this ext. Outdoors the perfect lighting conditions rule                                                                                                                              


The Motorola G4 plus has taken the photos and I find that are worthy of notice